Mystr Treefrog’s Blither Festival gets RE PRESSED

One criticism I’ve always gotten is that my blog post need to be shorter. As in- STOP writing short stories as blog posts-Hence my snark ‘FAULKNER DON’T TWEET.

Well, now that mental hurdle has been vaulted over (with a mega-pole.)

I’m pretty certain every time I stump my toe or blow my nose does not rate a Tweet or an update. It’s just not that interesting. (I miss getting hand-drawn letters from friends.Drunk Postcard illustration was an ART.)

It’s patently absurd. And I will never post pictures of cats,starving children or plates of food.

Does anyone else mourn the time murdered by Memes?

I rant like any one else, but I try to make them entertaining.

I guess I might begin reprising some of my old blog post to this new WordPress site. I’m a bit flummoxed by all these social media sites- one thing is clear, if I spent more time WRITING instead of keeping up with all my different Tweep’n twitter’n face crack’n whathave youz I’d have a lot more done.

I like WordPress I suppose. We’ll see. I feel as if I’m on an assembly line of tropes and replication.

Onward through the FOG, my friends.



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