Newtown with Nothing New from the N.R.A.

If even ONE of us are in chains, NONE of us are free.

This is the anniversary of something unspeakable in VERY recent American history. And still, because of misplaced fear, paranoia and BIG MONEY from the N.R.A. there has been no change. I love my children. And I fear for all of our kids in this climate of polemics and disregard.

I ask myself how I could go on if I were a parent of Newtown?

How could I face even one more holiday season, surrounded by bargains, commercialization, wholesale lust for accumulation to bolster an economy that knows nothing, cares nothing, for history or the loss of my child and the child of my neighbor?

There is no word in the English language for loss of a child.

Even a gunman can be ‘disarmed’- but how do you describe the loss of your innocent baby?

I wish peace for the parents of Newtown; and pray for a return to the meaningful true order of love and pursuit of happiness.

America- 2014
A bus driven by deranged clowns miming derision and contempt. The unrecognizable Stop Signs are pocked with random bullet holes blessed by the son of an anarchist’s preterite god. Welcome to the fields of Aceldama. Can I get a witness?

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