Washington D.C.=Cornhenge On The Potomac 2015

Washington D.C.= Cornhenge On The Potomac 2015
There is this precise moment in history when we all suddenly wake up and realize that while we, the déclassé intellectuals and dithering quasi- liberals of a mythical Camelot were busy thickening cinnamon lattes and diddling our smart-phones , some knuckle-dragging squad of ‘the un-glamorati’ have taken over the sacred political institutions of America, declared themselves the pinnacle of a Jesus sanctioned Caucasian uprising, manufactured a mystical CornHenge the center of the heartland (which exists somewhere between Texas and Iowa) and are now preparing to unravel every humanitarian political gain since F.D.R. realized that hybrid socialism was the only way to save the poor and disadvantaged of this country. Goodbye Middle Class. I hope that, by the time they are finished burnishing those corn husks on your apathetic asses, you still have bootstraps to pull yourselves UP WITH.
Did you really think the Revolution was over? Since when did we Turn Off, Tune Out and Give In?

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  1. You mean ‘Roundup-ready’ cornhusks, don’t you? Brought to us by Monsanto, et al., Don’t worry, the revolution is simmering nicely on the back burner. They don’t realize they keep turning up the heat with each whackadoodle knuckledragger that takes a vow on a badly translated bible.

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