Bruce Kardashian’s marvelous Asp:

Um. I was Alice Cooper’s poltergeist in Refrigerator Heaven 40 freak’n years ago. This Caitlin dude is so last century and he can’t even sing or work a guillotine. Whatever. Life, amazingly, goes on-most times without even blinking.

Waiting breathlessly for Billy Bush to let his phreek flag fly.

To Entertainment Tonite, Esquire and the other Funny Papers/media outlets.Look in your selfie mirror- You quite resemble a congeries of mewling poltroons masquerading as caring cutting-edge self congratulatory illuminists all while checking your corporate balance sheet with one eye in the mirror and your nose up the hind-quarters of faux-social acceptance. Congratulations on your snails-pace concept of evolution. Honestly, a simple tap on Oscar Wilde’s shoulder 159 years ago might have given the world a hint. And ya know what? It has never been a big deal among those in the Art Community to Live and Let Live. If y’all want I can sketch it out with a cold blunt #2 pencil forya.

Reality check:The cover of the Wheaties box should have a picture of GMO poisoned Bees.

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