Excerpt from ‘Thrip’ ©By J.D. Brayton

TY TY Theater

Deidra Brooks:

These thoughts buoyed her until they cruised slowly through the tiny downtown strip of Ty-Ty proper. It was a strange mixture of ramshackle wooden rectangles  and newly funded municipal buildings constructed of plain brick,left languishing by the side of a forgotten state road, a ghost of old Georgia; architecturally squat, unadorned and utilitarian – tiny and secretive and unannounced, save by the white municipal signage pocked through by .22 shot. A whisper town, hemmed like a forgotten Jim Crow funeral jacket – tarnished buttons portrayed by farm trucks, bent Coca-Cola signs, broken bottles, empty plastic soft-drink jugs and rusty machines. Easily forgotten; if it weren’t for one shameful family of serial killers. A blink in eternity for The Messiah. Jesus choking on a fishbone. Pee-stained bib over-alls covered in whisps of flaxseed.

Pg 75- ©By J.D. Brayton

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