Get Woke Whitebun

Check Yourself. Get Woke—> Bill Maher went to the Woodshed. He deserved it, he knew it. The true teachable moment came when Ice-T said: That’s OUR word now- you don’t get to use it no matter how familiar you think you are. (paraphrase) Us American white folks lost the right(?) to use it the first day we brought slaves from Africa to this country. That’s why it’s not OK to use in casual even friendly conversation with Black people. No matter how much you love, like or care for them. Being able to recite song lyrics or point to the use by Black people doesn’t give you a pass. Remember that. Until actual equality and justice is realized, the Caucasians of this country have a legacy of societal inequity from which we derive ‘privilege’. I am not personally immune. It’s quiet, insidious and lurks beneath the surface. Our culture trained us this way. Know it-Change it. Refuse to accept it in yourself or others. That’s not being ‘politically correct’-that’s just WAKING THE F UP.

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