Jingo and the Life Raft

What we are all witnessing is akin to a shipwreck wherein the angry old white guy has found a life-raft and is intent on shoving everyone else off to drown or beg- because of his base instincts, fear, and insecurity, the reactionary Trump supporter -who has been running on fumes of imagined superiority; revels in the last gasp of his delusion of triumph, unaware that right in front of him exists THE RAPIDS- he cannot survive without the strength of those he has maligned, brutalized and marginalized. He cannot ask for navigational expertise from those he has expunged from history. Instead of the book of maps and science available to him, he thumps on the King James bible in order to give verisimilitude to his faux biblical jingoism. And now the  only paddle he has left, the one he needs to steer his life-raft, is splintered and useless because it was used to retain a sense of safety instead of using it to steer through troubled waters. High water and hard rain. Get ready.That iceberg has your name on it.

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