To All The Adults-Empathy Is The Meditation

Tuesday Missive.

By J.D. Brayton


To all the adults, teachers, bullies and rednecks who beat on me— thanks, I’m no longer afraid. I can look you in the eyes without blinking.

To all the people who insulted or abused me because of what they thought of my appearance—thanks, you taught me just what an unsolicited opinion is worth.

To all the unnamed who tried to destroy me by sexual abuse when I was a child— thanks, I know a predator when I see one. You are walking targets.

To all the fake friends who took what they needed and abandoned my loyalty—Thanks, I am quite content to be alone to commune with vegetables, guitars, typewriters, and seascapes; I’m better off.

To all the critics who snarked at my creative efforts, thanks—I’m only getting better while you accomplish very little of worth and find another heart to bruise.

To all the lovers who couldn’t deal with my shortcomings, thanks—I’ve learned to forgive, but I still am working on being able to forget. We all have our faults. Mine is learning to survive transitory passion and letting my fragile ego drive the train.

To anyone I might have hurt, I’m sorry. I’m a work in progress just like you. I promise to try and not repeat my mistakes.

To everyone who thinks they are the only victim— learn to take solace from pain. Life is supposed to be hard and full of uncertainty. NO ONE IS IMMUNE. Evolution is NOT pain-free.

Say your piece, try to shield others from unnecessary abuse, do unto others, and then Shut The Fuck Up and keep from becoming your fears and blaming your pain. Others need your help in overcoming mental and physical catastrophe far worse than your own.


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