Application To Draw Heat

I’ve always said— In our animal form —the single most important biological prerogative in Males (besides basic survival) is to spread seed.

Take away morality, empathy, civilized norms, evolution, education, and common decency and “ME TOO” is what happens. Is it an outrage? Yes. Is it unconscionable to abuse power? HELL, yes. Should it come as any surprise? NO. Human Beings abuse one another regularly and with a mortifying stochasticity that defies anything approaching logic. The fact that men (or women) in positions of power have the potential to use their clout to subjugate the weaker subordinate is as old as humanity itself. It’s primal, tribal, and indicative of the pack mentality from which we ALL come. The Stone Age did not end for lack of Stones. To my fellow males I say: Check yourself—get real. It’s normal to feel attraction, it’s fuct up to harass or intimidate. To women I say: Don’t confuse clumsiness and inability to articulate with outright sexual harassment (Most women I know understand the difference.) Pain or abuse is subjective. It exists in degrees. Allowing pain to become a magnet for every outrage committed by every other human being only weakens the ability to help others identify true danger. By making YOUR pain THE ONLY pain you can no longer be objective or entirely rational. Kind of like that instructional video on an airplane. Before trying to save another—take the oxygen mask down and put it over your own face first—otherwise EVERONE loses consciousness. The Human Race could use a lot more EMPATHY. The decision to embrace this attribute is and very personal one. Everyone has inflicted needless pain on another. Either we learn, or we don’t. Those who serially abuse women need to be exposed, rejected and—(if at all possible)— re-educated.

 Evolution, my dears, is not painless. It never has been.

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