OOPS-Never Mind.

Okay; somebody pushed the wrong button. THIS IS NOT A TEST! SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY! NUCLEAR ATTACK IMMINENT! (oops-never mind.)
Is it just me, or does it seem like there is a general incompetence in America?- a shrug that creeps across every little thing? Half-done repairs, half-hearted guarantees, bent spoons pretending to be magic, information confused as knowledge, other people’s pain not being our problem anymore, a general belligerence, cynicism to the point of dysfunction. This is how it starts -low morale, a shrug of entitlement,; over-fed, uninvolved neo-patriots’ dreaming of neutral interiors and big-screen T.V.- Let somebody else clear the carcass off the street, go out to vote in the rain , or care if poor kids sit freezing in a classroom. People from ‘shithole’ countries doing your lawn, or caring for your kids, fixing your streets, painting your McMansion until this maniac demonizes them all, puts them in camps and builds a WALL with our tax money- GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA. If you think we can’t be replaced, you’re WRONG- there are plenty of dictators surrounding us, or rotting us from within, licking their chops- waiting, and yes— SUCCEEDING.
CLICHE’ -There are those who know the price of everything but the cost of nothing.
If you voted for this charlatan, you are part of the problem. If you voted for him and realize you made a disastrous mistake—>welcome<—, we need you to admit it, and help us stop this disaster right now. Conversely, if you are satisfied with a convenient latte, boutique health food and digital reality, you are no better than the ‘basket of deplorables’ you look down upon.
I think we are living the result of fake elitist bullshit. Ignore the so—called ‘common people’ at your own peril.
Rome fell because of ignoring the little ‘details’, trivialities such as, integrity, pride, vitality, become unimportant in the face of ‘comfort’ and fake patriotism. My God is bigger than yours.(Is that a nuke in your pants, or are you happy to see me?) Truth rationalized away- demoted and over-looked until the fucking bridge collapses on an under maintained bus full of kids on the way to a sub-standard school where the N.R.A. has decided that their young lives are little better than collateral damage when preserving an antiquated 2nd Amendment. WE ARE ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN- especially if we start to believe our little lives don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Just do nothing. Everything will be alright. We are great. We are strong. We are immune.
The sex on T.V. is really kinky.
It’s just one stupid bolt left off the driveshaft.
Fuck it. Not my job. Not my pay-grade. Not my problem.
Google ‘competence’- read the fine print.
Democracy is a VERY young, and VERY fragile experiment; and it is being dismantled before our very eyes.
It starts with the little things.
 Chickenhead w phones

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