No Matter What…

A Moment of Deep Self-Evaluation

Though I spend my share of time on Social Media- I think human beings were not equipped to absorb such a continuous, unrelenting amount of information(as opposed to knowledge) on a daily basis. I especially fear for our Youth who have known little else in their lifetimes. Humans need to daydream, recharge, repair broken toys, create,read a long book, laugh about absurdity or simply stare across an open field and LIVE. After the last 4 years a lot of my friends, acquaintances and family have been operating under stress activation mode; it has been really mind-bending and as a nation we are all suffering from PTSD (especially health care workers.) No matter how this election turns out, we all need to focus on repair. I hope all of you are at some stage of Peace. We are fragile, but we are also tough. Be Kind. Stay Human. Protect your mind.

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