ABOUT EYE SKIN the new novel

EYE SKIN by J.D. Brayton

1996—Four years after his survival of Hurricane Andrew, J.J. Picklespoon retires from The U.S.F.W. service to open a little bait and tackle shop on the shore of Lake Okeechobee. His quiet life is shattered after the robbery from his shop of vintage rifles and the strange disappearance of his young protégé, Antwon Maurice Cully, Picklespoon sets out to find the young man and ends up uncovering a den of ex-con bikers who are affiliated with a vicious white supremacist group intent on tainting the blood supply of the U.S. by using biological warfare. After his store is burned to the ground Picklespoon sets off for Atlanta to track the biker-thieves and to enlist the aid of his old friend; ex-F.B.I. agent, Charleston Terser. Together they stumble upon a nationwide plot that includes the blackmail of a corrupt doctor at the C.D.C., murderous yahoos, gut-wrenching taxidermy and Ernest Loafe —a mild mannered politician running for Congress who heads The American Patriot Party— a political front for an unbelievable plot to destroy race relations and infect mixed race people with an incurable blood-borne virus. Loafe has hired Ramjack, the Aryan Nations thug to be his personal enforcer—the same man who nearly murdered J.J. Picklespoon in The Everglades in 1992.

Chester ‘Blinky’ Dade—who now goes by the alias Edsel Mook—returns from Chiapas, Mexico to find his daughter, Mildred, The Clabber Grrrl, has disappeared after joining a religious cult of snake-whisperers in Alabama. He sets out with an intrepid dwarf to track her down and to discover why she been taken to Atlanta under mysterious circumstances. To his horror he discovers that her blood has become a precious antidote to the man-made virus and her kidnappers want to drain it all.

The fates of Picklespoon, Terser, ‘Blinky’ Dade, Ramjack and the investigative reporter Sin Lie converge to uncover the mysterious deadly plot that could destroy the country and begin a race war.

 In this second book of the Edsel Mook trilogy, J.D. Brayton follows his characters from The Clabber Grrrl’s Retreat to present a mystery/thriller full of danger, plot twists and political intrigue as they fight a shadow world of violent supremacist organizations masquerading as respectable political parties in the deep South.