Thrip (paperback edition) 583 pgs


Thrip, the sole survivor of the worst mass murder in Georgia history…

… is about to be betrayed by those trusted to protect him. He sits at his computer in an isolated house in the country, interacting with his only true friend, his Homebound Outreach instructor, unaware of the forces conspiring to shatter his life, and destroy his fragile inner world.

The hack Hollywood producer who wants to expose his trauma to the world… has a secret agenda

The Private Investigator hired to track down Thrip’s true mother and father, drawn into mortal danger

The damaged veteran, struggling with PTSD, stock-piling weapons deep in the Georgia woods.

The horror of another school shooting in small town America.

THRIP, the gripping new novel by J.D. Brayton asks;

 In the computer age, how connected are we? Who has been left behind? Who is safe?

From the author of The Clabber Grrrl’s Retreat, Eye Skin, and The Light Horse : A new psychological thriller set in small town America, where every day decisions have lasting consequences.




#3 in the Edsel Mook Series.


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