Zero Sum Gain by J.D. Brayton

Today was a no-show

I nearly made a phone call

There was a bus I wasn’t on

Out in the yard my peonies died

I should have thought more

about them

There was a meeting I wasn’t at

And would have ignored if I hadn’t been

Dreaming about Flag day 1966

I missed a package delivery – Memory Pills

My neighbor cursed his pick-up truck

(Openly )– wouldn’t start

He might have been nicer, even carburetors have feelings

But you wouldn’t know that because you bailed

on lunch

Now I’m standing, waiting to meet you

(Whoever you are) – maybe I should just blow it off

Go home. Decipher the house keys and

mutter, worship

An unopened box of Jello and my untuned Cello

Left rotting

in the warm freezer

I keep forgetting to defrost

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